How are Missionaries Selected?

Accountability-01We select missionaries who have undergone intense Bible school training either from our schools or other schools who embrace our core beliefs. Our leaders will also carefully evaluate each missionary’s commitment, passion, doctrinal stand, etc. Occasionally, we also take genuine, Bible trained, indigenous independent missionaries already in the mission field and who are not associated with any other groups or denominations.

How your Contributions Reach the Mission Fields or Your Missionary / Sponsored Child?

First, your contributions are sent to HMU’s international office in the United States. It is then sent to our Bank in India which is approved by India’s government via the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). Once the money has cleared the FCRA, the government then places it in one of the FCRA approved banks based in India.
The money is exchanged into local currency and becomes available for use by HMU’s national office located in the city of Delhi. From this office, your contribution is forwarded to the leader of the mission station under whom your missionary is working. This leader sends the support to your missionary. The area leaders are also responsible for collecting ministry reports and forwarding them to our national office. These reports are then translated and forwarded to the international office which disseminates the reports through the monthly newsletter WIN. This newsletter keeps supporters updated with the latest HMU ministry news. The newsletter can’t accommodate all of the reports received each month but periodically you will read stories specifically about your missionary or relative to the area where he works.

What is FCRA?

In India ‘Harvest Mission to the Unreached’ is registered under the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) to receive foreign funds. Under FCRA, “the organizations seeking foreign contributions for definite cultural, social, economic, educational or religious programmes may either obtain registration or prior permission to receive foreign contribution from Ministry of Home Affairs by making application in the prescribed format and furnishing details of the activities and audited accounts. The registration is granted only to such association which has proven track record of functioning in the chosen field of work during last three years and after registration, such organization is free to receive foreign contribution from any foreign source for stated objectives.”
For more information visit Ministry of Home affairs website:

Auditing and Annual Returns

Chartered Accountants (CA’s) approved by the government of India audit our accounts. FCRA , says “Since the FCRA, 1976 is a national security legislation, NGOs are required to exercise extreme care and caution in dealing with foreign contribution from the time of its receipt to its final utilization. As the CA’s audit the accounts of the NGOs and they certify the accounts before being submitted to the FCRA division, CA’s are required to provide meaningful guidance to the NGOs..” Every HMU is also required to file FC-3 returns in accordance with the FCRA through an approved auditor.

What impact Does Your Support Have?

Accountability-02With your faithful prayers and support, these missionaries are spreading the Gospel to the unreached areas of India. Most of the missionaries work among the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities where Christians are less than one percent. HMU’s local missionaries go where no western missionary is allowed to go. India’s current government does not allow foreign missionaries access to the country. God is mightily using His local missionaries to not only witness but to build churches that have reached thousands. Souls are being added to the eternal kingdom, lives are being changed and the darkness is being exposed with the light of Grace. Your decision to be a part of HMU’s team has helped make all this possible. Your support will affect many lives including yours for eternity. The support HMU sends covers only basic needs and not the total need of the missionary. Each missionary has responsibility to raise part of their monthly support. We want to stress the very vital need for not only your financial support but also more importantly your faithful fervent prayers for God’s work to be completed in this land of over 1 billion people. The land where your missionary is working is a land filled with gods and goddesses. At times, HMU’s missionaries face extreme opposition in the form of verbal confrontations with gangs and physical abuse.

Majority donor support goes to the mission field

Every designated dollar of each individual’s support is sent to India to be used for the purpose that is designated by the donor. On average less than 5% of the total money donated to HMU is used for other expenses. This money comes from undesignated donor contributions. HMU office overhead expenses are minimized by use of volunteer staff and our executive director raises his own support.