Pastor Shyamlal Bhatti, working with Harvest Mission to the Unreached as a missionary in Punjab state was not educated theologically much, but he was working along with Pastor Prem Mashi, who led him to Christ. They travelled together in all the villages around Mamdot in Ferozpur district in Punjab in a single bicycle to preach the gospel. They used to peddle the bicycle for miles through village roads to preach the gospel in the scorching summer heat, and chilly winter cold, as the burden for the souls are motivating them every day. Consequently, a group of people formed as a congregation to worship the lord from the village Lakhokebahram in Ferozpur district, Pastor Prem Mashi assigned his assistant and disciple Shyamlal Bhatti to look after that church about a couple of years ago.

God used Shyamlal Bhatti in a special way to minister to the spiritual needs of the people coming for the gospel. Though he is not an eloquent speaker or a teacher, whomever he prays get the deliverance and healing. Slowly people gathered in a small room made of mud, which he has taken on rent, where he used to conduct prayer meetings and worship services. As the months went by, seeing the effectiveness of his ministry somebody donated a piece of land for him to construct a church building. Depending upon God for the provision, Harvest mission initiated the church building construction in the month of April 2010. Pastor Mathew Oommen was laying the foundation stone for the church building in the month of April 2010, two brothers who came for short term team ministry in Punjab, was witnessing that function, namely Bros. Samuel Joshua and K.V.Chandran – the spirit of God inspired in their heart and before Pastor Mathew Oommen said the benediction, they came forward to sponsor the construction of that church building. Thus a church hall of 15feet x 45 feet was constructed on that spot and that building has dedicated to worship the Lord on 30th October 2010 by the servants of God and the building opened for worship and handed over to Pastor Shalala Bhatt and his congregation by Brother K.V.Chandran, who was a co-sponsor of this construction project. Even while carrying on the construction, whenever Pastor Shamlal comes to see the construction progress, the afflicted people used to come for prayer by him and received the deliverance. Prominent among them is one lady belongs to the Sikh religion, who was married four years ago and was without child, and the doctors told her that she cannot bear child since her uterus is damaged and need to be removed. Pastors prayed for her at this church building while the construction going on, is now carrying 4 months of pregnancy. Praise the Lord for His marvellous doing.