Our Nepal ministry was started in 2009 by a Nepalese cook at our Delhi Bible School. Several years ago he prayed and fasted for his people in the remote mountain villages and asked us to send the gospel to these areas. So we sent a team from Delhi to Nepal under leadership of Pastor Shibu Mathai. This team found that a group of Pastors working in the interior areas of Nepal were praying for joining with a fellowship. All these Pastors came from either Hindu or Buddhist backgrounds. Most of them were not trained in any Bible school however they had experienced a movement of the Holy Spirit in their villages.

Many people came to the Lord and they planted churches in different villages. These men had only a basic understanding of God’s Word. After much prayer HMU added them to our ministries outreach. We started a series of Bible training seminars to better equip them as teachers of the Word. Now there are 40 missionaries working in different parts of Nepal affiliated with HMU. God is doing amazing things through these national Pastors. Many people are coming to the Lord. Please pray for Nepal.



Missionaries in Nepal have much practical field experience but lack a deep understanding of God’s Word. One problem is the limited resources available in their own native language. They speak Nepali and other tribal languages. Only a few understand Hindi. During the early years of ministry HMU conducted at least 2 Bible study seminars to equip them for ministry. The seminars were a real blessing to all the Pastors. Even Pastors from other groups attended to gain Bible knowledge. Now HMU holds an annual mission conference in Kathmandu where Bible teachers from the U.S. and other countries minister the Word.

It took a while for the aftermath to be cleaned up enough for Pastor Baburam to be able to visit these churches. Because of the help of our faithful supporters work is beginning on the rebuilding of many collapsed churches.  We also gave some financial help to rebuild the churches. Please continue to pray for the ministry.