Bible school and Training

As a ministry, one of our main goal is to teach, train and equip young men and women as missionaries and leaders regardless of color, language, and race. “ Truly the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.”


Calvary School of Harvest

In 2005, As per the guidance of the Holy Spirit we have started a Bible school in Ferozpur district, Punjab state. We want to train them for the Northern Indian mission field where there is much adversity in preaching the gospel and to teach them biblical truths as is, so that they can be good teachers of the Word of God.

The function of this Bible school taken place in this small room , which was used as dormitory, class room, library and study room – at the same time. Foods were cooked by the students by themselves before the class starts and the cooking utensils for preparing foods plates for serving the food all were donated by the pastors working in that state. All the students lived in that small room without any complaint. Most of those graduates are serving the Lord faithfully in different parts of the country. Later God has given us plots to construct the building for the bible school. Now we have class room, chapel and dormitory spacious enough to accommodate 20 to 25 students at a time.

Currently, our program is designed to reach North India. Students will have more practical training along with bible classes.


Classroom: We provide an opportunity for the students to learn the Word of God in a broad manner through experienced teachers who have a degree in Theology or a strong Biblical background. We help them to interpret the truth in a simple way to reach the people of North India, by keeping a strong stand for the Biblical truth


Every week each student will get an opportunity to actually go out and evangelize. Their activities are hospital visitation, literature distribution, open air preachings, house-to-house visitations. Church planting helps other local churches in evangelism and discipleship etc. During the summer vacation the students who completed one year training were gone out to do the outreach programs – in the unreached areas. They could distribute thousands of gospel literature pieces within two months of their outreach.


Our vision is to reach souls in every village, language and people group in north India with the gospel of Jesus Christ by sending out more missionaries through our bible schools for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

New Building

Even in the severe summer heat, the students continued to stay at this limited facility, without any complaint. Those who completed their studies in such facilities are serving the Lord in different part of North India very effectively. As the Lord’s people continued earnestly their prayers for a suitable place of our own, because in the rented facilities, there were many limitations. Students had to minimise their voice during the worship and prayer times, as the land lord also staying on the other portion of the house, God provided resources to buy a piece of land in Ferozpur in the year 2007 and started the construction by faith.

But God honored out faith and the ground floor of the school building inaugurated in the year 2008 – so the students and faculty breathed easy as they were able to move into a space room to study the word of God. However, their stay and class rooms, library hall, and dining hall, everything was limited into small space still. Again the students and faculty and other praying friends took the pain and prayed earnestly and hence in the month of May, 2012 we have taken a bold step of faith to construct the dormitory portion. However God honoured the attempt and He enabled us to complete a dormitory hall including the toilet blocks.

Training & Regional Conferences

Many of these HMU missionaries have much practical experience in the mission field but not much deeper understanding in the Word of God. One of the problem in this area is they have only limited resources in their own native language. Most of these Pastors are not fluent in English also. They speak Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Malayalam, Other Tribal languages, Punjabi, Neplai etc. So Bible study seminar like this will give them much deeper understading of the Gods word.