Church Planting

Our main goal is to evangelize the unreached of Northern India and Nepal through national missionaries with the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ and plant self sustaining churches. These national missionaries can easily adapt to the culture, language and social customs of India. For years, missionaries from South India or abroad travelled to the North to preach the good news. Today the situation has changed. We have committed people from North India and they are effective, because they speak their own languages and easily adapt to the culture. They are also ready to face difficult situations. Through these missionaries HMU’s ministry has penetrated areas where the gospel has never been heard. Churches are being planted, some even in slums, tribal areas and leper colonies.

Native Pastor

We can support a missionary with $35 – $65 per month, depending upon the family size and place they work. In most case the above support are not sufficient to meet all their needs. We also encourage families to depend upon God and to understand that God is their provider. They are experiencing the provision of God every day in their life. Each missionary has a story of how the Lord is taking care of them in their daily life. The money we give them will help them to meet the basic needs in their life such as rent, buying milk or food etc. Please pray and support a missionary.

Souls added and Miracles happen through Missionaries:

Each missionary has testimonies of how the Lord touches and changes lives. People accept Christ when they share the good news. God answers their prayers with miracles and healing. Most of the missionaries work among the Hindu, Muslim or Sikh communities. The following is a story of a native missionary and how the Lord is using him for the Kingdom of God.
Pastor Prem Masih works in a village of the Ferozpur District, Punjab state. His days are often filled with trouble and opposition, but he remains spiritually uplifted daily in the Lord. His impact on this region and the fruits of his labor are abundant. Most of the people here are either Sikh or Hindu. Currently, about 400 people are coming to his church. They faithfully attend prayer and worship meetings with hungry expectations and exuberance. A typical worship service will go for more than 2 hours. There is always plenty of singing, prayer, heartfelt testimonies but above all is the sharing of God’s Word. At the close of the service the church provides a love meal. Every week the Pastor’s family and volunteers prepare enough food for all. Many who have to work the rest of the day after the service must eat a hurried meal.

Locations of our Ministry

Currently we have works mainly in 16 states of India and Nepal. They are: Jammu-Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal, Madhaya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi and in the country of Nepal.