Compassion Ministry & Social Work

Harvest Mission to the Unreached has several social programs and other ministries that show the love of Jesus in practical ways among the lost. Some of these activities are directed toward street children, leprosy patients and slum-dwellers. This particular wing of our ministry is very effective in reaching the lost with the unfailing love of Christ. Often the people who are most against our missionaries begin to cooperate with them on social projects. Our compassion ministries in India and Nepal are opening doors to spread the message of the gospel.

Tailoring Centers:

We started tailoring centers, as the Lord guided us, in different states. Our first one was among slum-dwellers in Sholapur, Maharashtra. This training is provided for the poor women especially widows who are living in the slums. The majority of the women who come to our tailoring center are involved in rag picking to earn their livelihood. They go to pick up the rags from the containers that are kept along roadsides by government agencies before and after their time in the tailoring classes learning how to sew dresses. The tailoring classes are a three month program.

The tailoring classes are a three month program. Women are taught to use sewing machines as well as making dresses by hand. Training the women to make dresses by hand provides them with a means of earning income but if we are able to provide them with access to sewing machines they are able to increase those earnings. Presently the training program has one machine for ten plus women. All these women are from non-Christian backgrounds and as they learn new skills we also teach them from the Word. The main purpose of this project is not only to help our clients to earn their daily bread but also to open a door for spreading the good news of Christ among those who have never heard the gospel. Regular prayer meetings are conducted at the classes.


HMU Pastor Jaikumar works in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He also started using a tailoring center at his mission station so he could reach out to the lost. Now many neighborhood women attend dressmaking training. The training is free for all these women from poor backgrounds. Pray that these programs will continue to be successful and win souls for the heavenly kingdom.

Adult literacy center

India has the highest population of illiterate adults at over 275 million. According to the 2011 census India’s literacy rate is 74% and literacy among women is 65%. Illiteracy is much higher in North Indian compared to South India. Though women have made progress in various fields they still fall behind men in terms of literacy. Major causes are lack of social awareness, cultural customs and rituals which inhibit women’s freedom. We have started successful adult literacy centers in several churches.

Here is a testimony from an Adult Literacy Center leader: My name is Manishaben. All my area is surrounded by non-Christian Hindi people but many of them are coming to church. We teach the Word and sing worship songs. When we share from the Bible they are unable to understand clearly because they are not able to read or write their mother tongue “Gujarati”. So we started conducting adult literacy classes to help them. In these classes we teach them simple Bible verses like ‘God is love’ and now gradually they are able to read as well as to write. I am really thankful to God for the chance to share the gospel with these people attending our literacy classes. All glory to Jesus.


Disaster Relief

When disasters happen we help as the Lord provided. The Lord has provided a way for us to help some of the Tsunami victims in South India. After watching the devastation and death that came from the Tsunami our director said, “I desired to go to the areas of Southeast India to help and do my part”. Although HMU has no work in South India Saji our director Saji had this burden to help. God answered and he traveled to Madras with money donated by our support team to give aid where he could. Immediate help was provided for some of the victims and later a boat for some fishermen was purchased.
In 2015 many of our donors participated generously in relief work during Nepal’s earthquake disaster. Funds provided help in rebuilding churches. Ten relief camps were conducted shortly after the quake with one especially for children. Many relief agencies concentrated on the capital Kathmandu and its surrounding suburbs but HMU focused on outreach to smaller villages. Supplies of food, clothing, blankets, and tents were distributed at the camps. Our Nepalese leader Pastor Baburam Tamang coordinated the purchase and transport of these supplies to the various camp locations. Many of our other missionaries assisted particularly in the more remote villages.


Medical Mission

Millions of people live in India’s slums: Thousands are living a day to day hand to mouth existence. Their homes are match box type shelters made from discarded materials. From dawn to dusk men and women toil a menial jobs to earn their daily bread but even so their earnings are not sufficient to meet all their needs. Health care is practically non-existent since it is at the bottom of their priorities. As their children begin working at a young age to help meet family needs they rarely have a chance for a good education.

Our HMU missionaries and volunteer consider every opportunity to share or show the love of God in practical ways among these needy communities as precious. Occasionally HMU conducts medical camps in these slums and leprosy colonies. These free medical clinics provide a basic yearly physical along with dispensing medications when needed. For most of these people this will be the only time they see a doctor until another free clinic is offered the next year. Sponsoring and participating in medical camps is one way churches from North America can partner with HMU.

HMU is excited to invite and welcome teams on short term mission trips to help finance and run medical camps. Many teams have come and provided these camps in different slum areas around the outskirts of the metropolitan city of Delhi during the months of February or March.  The Lord is helping lead these people to freedom from poverty and oppression. Together with our native missionaries and the provision of technical support from professionals in North America these camps are making an opening into the community to reach the lost for Christ. The cost of a tent, medical technicians, a local doctor, and medications for one camp is between $500 and $750.