After being studied in Calvary School of Harvest, Punjab, the Lord guided missionary Sunil to serve Him in a village in Pratapgarh district (county), Uttar Pradesh state with Harvest Mission to the Unreached. This village is known for all sorts of notorious activities. Most gang fighters in the city are from this particular village. Sunil is the first missionary to this village. God began to move in this village and many families are now coming to the fold of Christ.
Spreading of the ministry

Within a short period of time, the Lord helped him to start a ministry in a nearby village. When the first meeting was arranged in this village, the Lord delivered three women who were under the powers of darkness. While praying in the name of Jesus Christ, the demons left them and they became completely well. On seeing this miracle, a witch doctor invited Pastor Sunil and his team to his house. Having shared from the Word, pastor and his team prayed for him and his family. As they were praying, the witch doctor’s wife, who was demon-possessed, was completely delivered. As a result, the whole family repented of their sins and received Christ as their Savior. There was a goat in their home which was brought to offer as a sacrifice to their gods for her deliverance. After Jesus had delivered her, they sold the goat and brought the tithe to the church for the living God.

Meetings and God’s Deliverence
Two more meetings were organized in the villages which hundreds of people attended. During the prayer time, the Lord healed many sick people, making them to understand that there is no God apart from Him. Moreover, God is touching many sorcerers to know Him as their Savior. Till now six sorcerers have received Jesus as their personal Savior and are gladly worshipping Him in truth and spirit.

God is working wonders in his ministry and many people are coming to the church, even from faraway places of 30 and 40 kilometers. As the Lord is blessing his ministry, many people who received Him as their Savior had made a commitment to witness their faith publicly in water baptism. Another person was suffering from a heart problem and high blood pressure. However, the Lord healed him completely when Pastor Sunil prayed for him. This incident helped him to know Jesus as his personal Savior. He is now a strong believer in Christ and witnessed his faith in water baptism.

By God’s grace, the ministry is progressing daily, and now more than 80 people are regularly attending church services. However, he faces constant threats and opposition from the villagers. Many of his relatives are against him, and they will never include Pastor Sunil for any of the family functions. If any of the villagers invite Pastor Sunil for their marriage function or any celebrations, his relatives would threaten them with dire consequences. Then, the villagers would tell Pastor Sunil to not to attend their functions. Yet, the Lord is helping him to go ahead in preaching His Good News.

Earned the Respect
Sunil Kumar, a very small in size, he is not much educated except our Bible school training. However, as a man of God he is respected by most of the people not only of his village, but the neighbouring villages too, except his own relatives. Because for any of their problems, they run to him for prayer, because they believe his prayer will work. Even the village chief too respect him. In the recently held local body election, the village chief was contesting, and came to pastor Sunil Kumar with folded hand as a mark of respect to seek his blessing, so that he may win the election. Hearing that news, next day, the candidate contesting against him also approached Sunil Kumar to be prayed for, so that he may get the victory.

Baptism in temporary tank
When the people made decision to take water baptism, the question come up, where to give them water baptism, because there is no river, water tank and pond nearby, people depend upon the tube well for their water needs. But they found out solution. They dig a hole of 5feet x 4 feet size with 5 feet depth and spread a plastic leak proof sheet on it and filled the water from the tube well, to enable pastor Joy to give water baptism to the people who have taken firm decision. On that day, 25 people, 10 men and 15 women all from Hindu background took water baptism. One among them was a prominent witch doctor in the village. He was doing all sorts of witchcraft, but had no peace of mind. When Pastor Sunil shared with him about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit convicted him of his need for the Savior and took baptism on this day. Though there are many more people decided for water baptism, Pastor Joy advised them to firm on their decision and give up the religious practices they are doing and grow in the spiritual life. So that we the baptism shall be given to them after a while. All those who have taken water baptism are happy, as they could obey God’s command. The first baptism service was done by a senior minister of HMU, Pastor Joy Varghese from Delhi.

Cowshed turn to Worship place
Missionary Sunil’s house is a small room made of mud and grass with plastic sheets. That room was not enough to be used for the worship places. Hence he converted a nearby shed which they used as a cow shed. He converted that into a worship place and now more than 80 people who attend the worship at this place experience heavenly joy on their worship. The worship services are not time bound, they continue to worship till they feel satisfied. As the believes used to come from 30 to 80 kilometres away, they start by 10 am and go up to 4 to 5pm in the afternoon. But they enjoy. The present worship place is not sufficient to accommodate everyone who comes for prayer. Sunil told us that he has separated a small piece of land which he got as ancestral property for the construction of the church hall. He is praying for the resources to construct a church hall which can accommodate hundreds of people, who comes for worship. Pray that the Lord may provide all the needed resources for them to have a church building as their own, where hundreds can come together to worship Him. Pray for the newly baptized believers that they may walk closer to the Lord and stand for Him in the midst of all difficulties.