children with compassion and love

The Harvest Kids Program is reaching over 700 children in 15 different areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat states. This is not a regular school but a literacy program our churches started to teach children who are not attending school regularly. These children who come from slums, streets and leprosy parents are brought to our churches where they get a basic education. They are taught Bible truth, songs, and Bible stories. This ministry also gives the children snacks and juice. God is changing the lives of these children. The program also provides an opportunity to reach their parents.

How the schools began

In 2005 HMU President Saji Mathew had the opportunity to visit some of the new mission fields in Solapur district, Maharashtra State. The two mission fields visited were a remote village and a leper colony. The local missionaries arranged an outreach program for both the children and adults to enjoy in these places. Saji noted all the children eagerly participating in the programs, singing and responding to the stories and gospel truths the missionaries were sharing with them.

This visit revealed the difficult living conditions of most of the children. Most do not go to school regularly and many of them are from homes where they are neglected or abandoned.  Some are children born to parents in the local leper colony. Our missionaries proposed the idea of starting two schools for these children.  The idea was implemented and the new schools were called Harvest Play School but later the name became Harvest Kids School. This beginning grew until now there are 15 Harvest Kids Schools in Maharashtra and Gujarat.  If you would like to be involved in this outreach a child can be supported for only $15 per month.

Here is a testimony from one of the children the Lord has touched. Before coming to the Harvest Kids School, I used to sell fruits and other food items in the railway compartments and on the train platforms. I do not have any parents but my aunty looks after me. I used to steal the passenger’s luggage, chew tobacco and ghutaka along with smoking beedis. Today I am so happy because Jesus has changed me. This was the first time I heard about Jesus. Now I understand that there is someone who loves me so dearly and cares for me. After hearing about this wonderful Lord Jesus, I surrendered my life to Him. I have promised Jesus from now on I will live only for Him.