An introduction to children’s spiritual lives, including their spiritual development, Nurture and experiences of a spiritual nature. Spirituality is considered from a Distinctively Christian perspective, although broader perspectives of the topic also are Considered. The related areas of children’s religion, faith, and spirituality are examined Both topically and historically.

We praise God for establishing work among Children. We have named this ministry wing as Harvest Kids. Currently there are 4 hundred children from different walks of life. Lord has been using this ministry to reach out the local unreached communities in most effective way following few testimonies from children and from their parents. What changes have taken places in the lives of their children and their families?

Harvest Kids Sangamner:

1) Deepak Kailash Khandare 8 Th STD.

Coming from a Hindu family says I am so great full to the Lord Jesus. Before coming to this school I did not know any thing about Jesus Christ. After coming to this school I understood who Jesus is and what He did for humanity. Before I knew Him I was a rebellious child in home , I never ever used to listen to my parents , The songs and scriptures we learn in school have truly brought a great change in my life. My parents are so happy to changes in me. And as result of that my parents too have started coming to the church we are so thank full to the Lord and those who given us blankets and sweets on new year eve

2) Pranay Choker

Says I thank Jesus Christ. Because by coming to the Harvest Kids School I came to know the true and living God. . Harvest kids school is a good school to learn from Bible which helps to me. I n this school I have learned how to pray to Jesus and most important thing is Jesus not only hear my prayers but He answers too. I am happy because I have found a new friend who has promised to stay with me all the time His name is Jesus Christ. I always talk to my friends in school about my new friend..

Harvest Kids Aurngabad Walunj

Presently there are 50 children from backward class most of this is in outskirt area where the development of basic things is not done. Hygienically children are not clean. Around a year ago we began this project. Beginning the response was very poor. But as the days went by number of children began to increase .after noticing the change in the children more parents started sending their children to our school program.

Parents are very happy because most of these children were not going to school, after attending Harvest Kids School they themselves have started keeping themselves clean and tidy. Not only that but they started attending their regular school on day to day Basies. There is so much of change in children. One of the child told his father don’t eat tobacco. Chewing of tobacco is sin. You come to church Jesus will help you to leave your tobacco habit. Most of these children did not have Tiffin box to carry their lunch to school. After giving them the Tiffin they were so happy. Each child thanks to God and the sponsors for providing the Tiffin for them as a new year’s gift.

Harvest Kids Nashik

Praise God for this Harvest Kids project. This project has become very effective one to reach out people from other communities this year about 10 more children were added from surrounding area of our church. Now there are 100 children who regularly attend our play school. Following are some testimonies form parents and the children

Sanjana Gangurde

Says I thank God ever since I started attending the school my family whole family was changed. When I myself came to church my younger sister who is 8 years old also started attending the church. Here in this school we have learned more about true God and His love for us. Before coming to this school I had a very bad phase of my life. Such as fighting with neighbors living disobedient life but my life now is totally changed after seeing the change in me my family also began coming to church now my family and me we have been experiencing the peace of God . Also thank God for the gifts we got .

Shivaji Haribhajan Paricha

I praise God for His love, after coming to Harvest Kids School me and my family has seen some changes in our life. I come from a Hindu family my mother died when I was small baby. My father remarried and ever since then I was living with my stepmother. She never looked after me well, many of the times I used to go without food, slept without food. I was very sad in my life. Because of the harassment from my step mother and on top of that my body was affected with boils. No money for treatment One day my friends took me to Harvest Kids meetings. They prayed for me and within few days boils on my body disappeared, my step mother was amazed to see this she also one day came to the program and she was delivered from evil spirit. Ever since then she has been so loving and caring towards me. Now I am looked after well. I know now Jesus loves me and cares for me. Thanks for this new friend in Jesus.

Vishal Arjun Age 12

Before coming to Harvest Kids school I used to sell fruits and eatable items in railway compartment and on platforms. I don’t have parents my aunty looks after me. Today I am so happy because Jesus has changed me. Before that I used to steal passengers luggage eating tobacco and ghutaka, smoking of beedis but here I have understood there is someone who loves me so dearly and cares for me. After hearing about this wonderful Lord Jesus I surrendered my life to Him because this was the first time I heard about Jesus. I have promised to Jesus from now on I will leave only for Him. Thank for gift of Rugs

Parents Feed Back from all Stations

We have seen lots of changes in the lives of our children. Their behavior has been changed. We thought this is a Christian institution their motivation could be selfish to change our children religion. But now we know our children are following the best path in life. Most of our children were involved in crimes, running away from homes and put in rehabilitation centers and remand homes. But we are so grateful to this institution for taking up this noble task in bringing the changes in our society