Letter from the President

xc3njd1fDr. Saji Mathew

As you know, we are trying to reach the most unreached places in India and Nepal with the guidance of the Lord. India is a country with over 1.32 billion people. Although India is a growing economy, it still remains the world’s most impoverished nation. Over 800 million people live on just $1 or $2 a day. Approximately 35% of the country is still illiterate. It is estimated there are over 3 million children living in the streets and the malnutrition rate for children exceeds that of the sub-Saharan African continent. About 450 million people do not have even the most basic standard of living. The country has a very large population of lepers and about 2 million people may be infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. On the other hand, the middle class of approximately 300 million are educated and many of them are qualified professionals.

India and Nepal are among the most unreached nations in the world. Millions have never heard the name of our Saviour. The task before us is big but together with God’s help we can do it. “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts”. The harvest is waiting but the workers are few. We desire to train and send more workers. The Lord needs your involvement today. Will you help us send more workers to the fields while there is still time? The men, women and children of India and Nepal are waiting for the gospels message of hope.

Together we can help build the Kingdom of God. Please pray and support this ministry as the Lord leads. Feel free to contact us at your convenience if you want any more information about our ministry. God Bless.

 Yours in Christ

Saji Mathew


Letter from the Treasurer

Lawrence Buck Epps

My name is Lawrence “Buck” Epps and I live in Missouri City, Texas. HMU director Varughese Mathew “Saji” visited my church in 1998 and 1999 and shared his vision for sharing Christ with north India’s people groups. At that time I was already supporting two Indian missionaries. Since the home office and president of HMU was located near my home I decided to join with HMU as treasurer in 2003. As treasurer I keep track of all donations and forward the money to our bank account in India for support of designated ministries. Each month my records are used to send out donor receipts and once a year I provide the data to fulfill IRS reporting requirements for tax free organizations.

God has blessed HMU during the first decade of the 21st century. HMU began the decade with about 25 missionaries mostly serving in New Delhi and nearby areas. At the close of the decade there are over 160 men and women working to expand God’s kingdom in 16 Indian states, plus Nepal. Your generous financial support allowed us the flexibility to increase the number of missionaries we support and also help in a number of other ways. Some of the projects follows: assist in building churches, Adult litaracy, tailoring centers,buy bicycles and motor bikes for missionaries, provide Christmas gifts (lepers, orphans, missionaries), put on children’s programs, and continue to build a fund for future move and expansion of our Punjab Bible school..

As you know our God has always been on mission and when Christ ascended to heaven he gave instructions for men to join him on mission. Revelation 5:9 tells us that Christ purchased with his blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. So, evangelizing every people group is God’s top priority and God left the responsibility for this work to men. India, with the greatest number of unreached people groups, must be the focus of missions if God’s plan is to be completed. Only through native Indian missionaries can the “gospel of the kingdom” be brought to “every tribe and tongue and people” in India. This is the purpose and reason for HMU’s existence. Through your financial support of these Indian servants of God you are helping implement God’s plan to “make disciples of all the nations.” Please pray for this ministry and support with your finance.

God Bless

Lawrence Epps