Leprosy Ministry

India is one of the few countries where leprosy still exists. It has the largest leprosy population in the world. About 60% of the world’s leprosy patient lives in India. Our ministry began working as one of the few missions reaching these people in 1995.

During the early days of our ministry Pastor Shaji Abraham concentrated our ministry in Peeragadi Leprosy colony in Delhi. There were over 70 families living in a small public place where they have no boarding or lodging. These are abandoned people with no government or social organizations help. When missionary Shaji began working in this colony its people welcomed him whole-heartedly. He shared the love of Jesus with these people and many accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. Soon he started a church and many families come to worship there.

Later we were able to build single room houses for each family. We strongly believe that it is not the food, clothes or shelter that would change their lives, but the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
After seeing an amazing response from these people, we began work in other areas. A ministry was started in a Solapur, Maharashtra colony. In 2015 Pastor Satpal began another leprosy ministry in East Delhi.

Food for the lepers

Occasionally we provide food to the least fortunate people. Most of these are leper beggars. A church planted by pastor Shaji Abraham in the early years of our mission has reached out to leper colonies. Pastor Shaji’s church has planted two churches among these people. Each year in celebration of Christmas HMU provides the funds necessary to buy a new set of clothes for each man, women, and child associated with the leper churches. For visiting mission teams from the USA it is always a moving experience to see the fingerless hands of these precious people clapping as they praise the Lord in song.