The Lord helped Harvest Mission pastors Jijo Varghese and Abin Jacob from Delhi Head Office to travel to the various mission fields in Nepal, holding special prayer meetings, spiritual breakthrough meetings and youth meetings and visiting each of the HMU pastors in this Hindu kingdom. They had two full weeks of ministry in Nepal which encouraged the 27 of HMU workers. Though the team had to encounter several hurdles and difficulties, the grace of God was upon them in a great measure.

To reach the various mission fields, the team had to travel by bus or jeep (four-wheeler vehicle which is using to travel in the remote areas) for hours together. Besides the tiresome journey on bus or jeep, they had to walk on their foot for several hours.
From the very first day of their travel, they faced struggles. After 32 hours of travel in a bus, they reached the border area at midnight. Due to certain inconveniences, the bus which supposed to go to Nepal stopped there, and they had to change the bus. After waiting for hours, they took another bus and reached Kawasoti (the place where Pr. Dpacha and Gopal Lam ministers) in the early hours of the day. After having a short time of rest and fresh up, they began their missionary journey at five in the morning.

The fist place where the team visited was Dhading, where six missionaries are working. Pastor Gopal Lama, Br. Ramesh Thapa and Evg. Aman Thada from Nepal accompanied the team to visit the mission stations. Except for one, all the five missionaries are working in the mountaintops of Dhading District. The mode of transportation was a Jeep which was overloaded with around 25 people along with their luggage(the seating capacity is for 12 passengers) The journey was very much tiring yet God strengthened them. After 4 hours of journey in the jeep, they walked for another 1 hour on the mountains to reach an inn, where they rested for the night.

After having visited all the six missionaries in Dhading and encouraging them to serve the Lord more vibrantly and joyfully, they got up at early morning five and walked for 4 hours to reach Tawal village, where our missionary Chandra Bahadur Tamang ministers. There Pr. Abin Jacob ministered from the Word during the worship service on Saturday, it is on Saturdays the worship services are being held in Nepal. After a time of praise and worship and ministry of the Word, the team spent time in praying for the sick and needy. It was a time of God’s presence coming down and touching everyone. All the people especially youths experienced the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. Also, on that day, there was a baptism service where 10 persons testified the Lord in water baptism.

In each mission field which the team traveled had arranged special meetings where attended by not less than 150 to 200 people on average. God did great things through our team and all the churches experienced revival. They also conducted special sessions for the pastors and for the youths in which Evg. Abin and Pr. Jijo ministered. Thereafter, they walked 6 hours continuously and traveled again in a jeep for 4 hours to reach back Dhading City.
In the mountains of Nepal, there are no vehicles available. So, to visit mission stations there, you have no way other than to climb mountains by foot. All together in Dhading, the team had walked 18 hours on mountains to visit 5 churches!!

From Dhading the team traveled to Gorkha, another main district of Nepal where Pr. Kharpa Lama and Pr. Ningja Tamang ministers. They also traveled to Chitwan and Nawal Parasi districts. Four missionaries are working in Chitwan. Even though the churches in Nawal Parasi are in the valley, yet due to the lack of public transport system, they had to hire a jeep to reach the location.
Although they had a tiresome yet an exciting trip to various churches in Nepal and were encouraged by seeing what God is doing in these places. Even though Nepal is a Hindu nation, the churches there are experiencing a steady growth. Our missionaries are working with lot of commitment and dedication and many souls are being added to God’s kingdom. The urgent need now before us is to give proper Biblical training to our missionaries working in Nepal to help them to be more effective in their own mission fields. After visiting all our missionaries, encouraging them to stand firm for the Lord and arranging Gospel meetings in each pace, Pastor Jijo and Abin safely reached back to the Delhi Office on May 26th 2010. The grace and presence of God was upon them all through their journey and ministry in different parts of Nepal. We pray and hope in the Lord that soon the nation Nepal will be won for Jesus Christ.