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References of Pastors and Leaders – Harvest Mission :: Harvest Mission to the Unreached
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Endorsement of Leaders / Pastors who visited HMU ministries in India or Nepal

I have been working with Harvest Mission to the Unreached since 2007. I have attended and taught at their conferences for Pastors and missionaries in New Delhi and Kathmandu, Nepal and travelled throughout India dedicating churches and meeting with church leaders, participated at graduation ceremonies at their Bible colleges and have personally been and continue to be financial supporter. I have found the leaders of HMU to be some of the most dedicated and intelligent men I have ever had pleasure of working with. There is a great deal of integrity as it pertains to use the funds donated to HMU and they continue to support pastors and missionaries throughout India and Nepal. Their commitment to the preaching of the gospel is second to none. I consider it an honor to be associated with them and to be invited to speak at their meetings year after year. I was thankful to see that Pastor Chuck Smith gave Saji, the Director of HMU a few minutes to speak to the Pastors during one of the main session at the 2013 Senior Pastors conference, and that he enthusiastically endorsed HMU. I give them unqualified endorsement as well. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding HMU.

Pastor David Grisanti

President, Ministry Training International, WA (Former Senior Pastor -Calvary Silverdale)

I met Varghese Mathew (Saji), director of Harvest Mission to the Unreached in 2013 at the Senior Pastors conference in Murrieta, CA.  Pastor Chuck Smith had invited Saji to share about the ministry in India at the conference and soon after Saji and I had the chance to meet and get acquainted with each other.  He invited me to come to India to teach the Pastors as I always wanted to see Gods work in the lives of people who serve the Lord. I had the privilege of visiting India in October 2014 to attend the Regional Pastors conference in Chandigarh, Punjab state. Prior to the conference we visited Harvest Mission ministries in Delhi area where we went to a slum and leprosy colony to witness Gods work to the least privileged people in the world. At the Pastors conference I met great men of God committed to reach the unreached areas in North India. I taught from the book of Isaiah and I could see Pastors committing themselves for the great work of the Lord. It is my joy and privilege to partner with Varghese Mathew (Saji) and his supporting team members like Cherian and Solomon in India.  If you are looking for a spiritual, Biblical, and effective ministry to support, one aimed at reaching a part of the world is yet Unreached with the gospel, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to look into Harvest Mission to the Unreached. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry.

Pastor David Zamora

Senior Pastor, Living way Christian Fellowship (Calvary)Fontana, CA

I was so blessed to teach at the regional pastors’ conference hosted by HMU in Chandigarh, India. We landed in Delhi at midnight and we were greeted by our host, Pastor Cherian, and our driver, Dony. Both of these wonderful men took great care of us for our entire visit. The first few days we spent in Delhi were amazing. After doing a few touristy things we went and visited a leper community where HMU has established a church and housing. Then we visited a ministry home where Pastor Henry, his wife and staff teach young people to sew and teach them the Word of God. After our stay in Delhi we traveled to Chandigarh where we were greeted by Pastor Solomon, a wonderful man of God who pastors a church in Chandigarh with his wife and two children. During the four-day conference two other Calvary pastors and I taught through Daniel, Job, and Isaiah. It was amazing to witness 60 pastors soaking in every word. The worship was lively and their faith seemed genuine. This was my first experience working with HMU, and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future. 

Pastor Jeff Gipe

Senior Pastor, Newport Coast Lighthouse Church, Newport, CA

I first heard about HMU at the Calvary Chapel pastors conference when Saji was introduced by Pastor Chuck Smith. I soon became personally acquainted with this ministry and went to India to see for myself the wonderful work these group is doing. While there, I toured around and saw the various ministries and out reaches of HMU. I also spoke at their pastors conference and was impressed with the missionary/pastors that are connected with HMU. I also appreciated Saji’s leadership and direction that he gives to the ministry there. I can confidently give my recommendation for HMU and Saji as its director. I look forward to future involvement in years to come. 

Pastor Ed Hickey

Calvary Chapel London, Ontario, Canada

It is with great humility and honor that I give endorsement to the tremendous work being done at the Harvest Mission to the Unreached. I had distinct privilege of ministering to Pastors from both India and Nepal at their Pastors conference and was deeply moved by the power of the Holy Spirit and the reach this ministry has throughout India and Nepal. The team walks with Christ and is committed to serving the “unreached” and strengthening those that have to come to Christ. What a great ministry to support and come alongside.

Dr. Gary Rosberg

President America Family Coaches, Des Moines, IA

Other References

“In February 2002 one of our elders and I spent a week in Delhi with Varughese Mathew (Saji) of Harvest Mission to the Unreached. There I was able to teach their dedicated pastors and missionaries. I wholeheartedly recommend the support of Harvest Mission to the Unreached ministry in North India. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this ministry.”

Pastor Leron Heath

Former Pastor - Valley Community Church, Pleasanton, California

“It has been our delight in getting to know Dr. Varghese Mathew, the director of Harvest Mission to the Unreached. We are excited about their vision and have rallied our members to support the native missionaries. We have found them to be financially responsible and above reproach as a young ministry. I know that God will move in your hearts when you hear and see of the great work that they are doing in Northern India.”

Rev. Edward M. Lee

Mosaic Community Church, Houston, Texas

“HMU is reaching the most unreached areas of North India through native missionaries, who seem highly effective in ministering to their own people. I know Varghese Mathew, and his vision for North India and am thrilled with what God is doing. I can confidently recommend you support this ministry through prayer and finances.”

Pastor Roger Osborne

Former Pastor, Summit Ridge Church, Spokane, WA

“Varughese Mathew (Saji) has visited Calvary Fellowship Washington and has shared with us about Harvest Mission, and the work they are doing in the north of India in orphanage, with lepers, starting Bible schools and planting new churches. Our church is privileged to share in spreading the gospel on the other side of the world through Harvest Mission to the Unreached. …We encourage you to support this ministry.”

Pastor Wayne Tylor

Senior Pastor, Calvary Fellowship, Seattle, WA