Each missionary has a testimony of how the Lord touched and changed lives. When they share the good news, people accept Christ. When they prayed, people were healed and miracles happened. Most of the missionaries work among the Hindu, Muslim or Sikh communities. Here is story of a native missionary and how the Lord is using him for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Prem Masih’s working in a village, Ferozpur District, Punjab state. His days are often filled with trouble and opposition, he remains spiritually uplifted daily in the Lord. His impact on this region and the fruits of his labor are abundant. Most of the people here are either Sikh or Hindu. The main industries here are predominately farming and cattle ranching. They faithfully attend prayer and worship meetings with hungry expectations and exuberance.

Worship and Fellowship

A typical worship service will go for more than 2 hours. There is always plenty of singing, prayer, heartfelt testimonies and most importantly the sharing of God’s Word. At the close of the service, the church provides a love meal. Every week, the Pastor’s family and volunteers prepare enough love meals for all. For those who are still required to work the rest of the day, they are forced to eat their meal in a hurry. They will then work out in the fields again until dark.

Outreach / Training

Pastor Prem Masih is not only reaching out his village but also to many other surrounding villages in the area. The villagers see him as “God’s own man” and give him much respect. God is using this servant in an amazing way to lead many to the saving knowledge of Christ and repentance. God hears and answers Prem’s prayers. Prem has seen the healing grace of God time and time again with the sick. These miracles and healings are shared to encourage others. For many non-believers, these signs are critical in the initial process of taking the very first steps toward knowing their real Savior. This church has 250+ baptized members. There are, however, on average no less than 450 people attending the weekly worship services. This successful missionary style church has successfully planted several new churches in the district of Ferozpur. The men running these new churches are missionary Wilson Masih (working with HMU in Jalalbad) and missionary Shaym Lal (working with HMU in Lakho ki Bahiram).

Building Together

Prem Masih in encouraging his believers to take part in the ministry in different ways. Here is an example. As an answer to a long awaited prayer, God has enabled this church to purchase a piece of land through the help of HMU. Pastor Prem Masih explains, “Earlier we used to sit on the floor in the open sun for worship. But after some months, our church members cooperated with me and now we have been able to raise a permanent cemented shed with a concrete roof for the worship gatherings on this God given land. Some brothers brought the bricks, while some brought cement while others came and did the masonry. Somebody gifted us with a gold ring for this work. When I was very much troubled about the work, one day a Sikh man came to me and sponsored 20 bags of cement. Thus through the extended financial help from the HMU office, the work is almost completed.” We thank God for the sponsors who supported this project. Even though some work remains to be completed, Pastor Mathew Oommen dedicated this building for God’s glory on the 8th of September 2006.

His Vision
All of this exciting growth and development of this Church was brought to reality by divine intervention. One day, Prem saw a vision in which a person took him outside his small house and showed him a ripe crop ready for the harvest. The person in this vision said, “This entire crop that you are seeing is yours.” The impact and revelation of this vision started Prem Masih on a path to this special place God had chosen for him. Missionary Prem has been working hard ever since to fulfill that vision