HMU missionaries are ambitious to make use of every opportunity they come across to share the Gospel with the lost. As the educational institutions were closed for the summer vacations, Harvest Mission missionaries have arranged Vacation Bible Schools in different parts of the metropolitan city of Delhi. Many of the churches conducted the programs to reach the children with the Gospel. Thus, it helped to implant the love of Jesus into the hearts of hundreds of non-Christian children.

Pastor Joy Varghese, a senior minister working with Harvest Mission, was in search of a place to organize the VBS since they do not have an own worship place. On every Sunday, they arrange the worship service in a small private school building, situated in a jam-packed street in an unapproved colony. The owner of the building will not permit his premises for any other programs except on Sundays. Because on other days, he is using his premises for other purposes.
The church has been praying to God for a suitable place. At the end of their search, they could find a small place – a motor garage where the motor engines were brought for the repairing. Since they close their work late hours of the day, they start late. That was helpful for the church to conduct this program there. In order to close the program, before the motor repairing works start, pastor and believers planned to start the program bit early, viz. 7.30 in the morning and went on for 2.30 Hrs. They also were bit doubtful whether they will get any children for the program. Trusting on God for every resource, they started the program on 31st May. Beyond their expectation, 50 children enrolled on the first day itself for this four days’ program.

Hundreds of people are accommodated in their matchbox type houses in this crammed street. Both sides of this narrow street are having uncovered drainage (channel to drain out the dirty water and other wastes) – which children of these areas uses as “toilet”. One cannot walk through these filthy streets blanketed by the flies without hitting the passersby or stray dogs and wandering animals.

On hearing the songs and the music, which are not familiar to the people of that area, they peeped into the garage to see what was going on there.
Hence, on the next day onwards, more children came in, and there were 70 plus kids were regular to the meetings. The VBS program ended on 3rd June. The children were taught about the love of Jesus, and His sacrificial death on the cross through stories, action songs, and skits. Snacks and drinks were served to encourage these children to come daily. On the last day of the meeting, many children’s parents also attended the program. Moreover, during the closing program, many children testified the changes that happened in their lives through this four-day meeting. The most wonderful part of the VBS was that many children received Christ as their personal Savior though this program.

Pastor Shaji Abraham organized the VBS program for the children living in the slums of “Sooraj Park” in north Delhi for five days. 300 plus children from the age of 4 to 15 attended this program. Very many fun-filled programs, besides the story-telling, puppet shows, action songs, added color to the VBS, which immensely helped the children to learn about the only Savior. Pastor Shaji and his wife Lissa coordinated this program on behalf of Harvest Mission.
Pastor P.K.Samkutty and his church arranged the Vacation Bible School program for the children in the neighborhood of the Rajagarden Church. However, they have charged a small registration fee from the participants to regulate the uncontrollable flow of the children. Many parents were sending their children to this program, as they were not able to control the urchin children at their small homes. However, the VBS program transformed the lives of these naughty ones.
In spite of the strict regulations, one hundred plus children enrolled for the one-week VBS program of the Rajagarden church. Pastor Sajimon of Gurgaon Church is also planning to conduct the VBS program in the month of June.

We are confident that hundreds of children were blessed through the Vacation Bible School program held during this summer.