When Pastor Joy Varghese of HMU with a team, reached at the mission station namely “PRATAP GARH”in Uttar Pradesh, where Pastor Sunil Kumar is ministering since last couple of years. Pastor Sunil Kumar has been requesting us to visit his place, since long to teach his new believers from the bible. Though Sunil Kumar, a very small in size, he is not much educated, now he is respected by all the people not only of his village, but the neighbouring villages too, except his own relatives. Because for any of their problems, they run to him for prayer, because they believe his prayer will work. Even the village chief too respect him, because in the recently held local body election, the village chief was contesting, and came to pastor Sunil Kumar with folded hand as a mark of respect to seek his blessing, so that he may win the election. Hearing that news, next day, the candidate contesting against him also approached Sunil Kumar to be prayed for, so that he may get the victory.

When the people made decision to take water baptism, the question come up, where to give them water baptism, because there is no river, and pond nearby, people depend upon the tube well for their water needs. But they found out solution. They dig a hole of 5feet x 4 feet size with 5 feet depth and spread a plastic leak proof sheet on it and filled the water from the tube well, to enable pastor Joy to give water baptism to the people who have taken firm decision. On that day, 25 people all from Hindu background took water baptism. Though there are many more people decided for water baptism, Pr. Joy advised them to firm on their decision and give up the religious practices they are doing and grow in the spiritual life. So that we the baptism shall be given to them after a while. All those who have taken water baptism are happy, as they could obey God’s command.