Why Native Missionaries are Effective

It is estimated that there are 428 languages in India which includes 22 official languages. Also over 1500 additional dialects have been identified. India, with only 2.5 percent of the total world area, has nearly 16 percent of the total world’s population. Hinduism is India’s major religion with 75% of the population. India also has one of the largest Muslim populations. Christianity is among the smallest groups with less than 3.5% of India’s population, of which the majority are traditional Christians. India has 28 states and 7 union territories. How can these areas be reached with the Good News of Christ?

National missionaries are the most effective means of spreading the Gospel and making disciples. They can adapt to the culture, language, and harsh environments thus making evangelism outreach easier. Moreover they can be supported with just 35 – 65 dollars per month, depending on the family and the place they work.

An Example of a Native Missionary

Deshraj studied in our Bible school and went to his own village to start a church in the foot hills of the Himalayas. His village home has two levels. The lower is shelter for his cattle and he lives in the upper story. He his living area is also used for worship services. From this small beginning Deshraj desired to build a church. He overcame problems of persecution and lack of finances to finally complete this village church in 2016. He is known in his village of Garasu as ‘the man who cast out demons’. Now the Lord has expanded his ministry to eight nearby villages. In each of these villages more than twenty-five people regularly attend Sunday worship service. June 19, 2011 was a remarkable day for Pastor Deshraj as seventeen new believers gave witness to the Lord by public water baptism. The Lord is bringing souls into His fold through this ministry. Praise God for all the wonders that He is doing through the ministry of this faithful man.